About us

We believe all startups should be global from start

What is uGlobally?

uGlobally is a community of over 1000 innovators who are looking for international opportunities to take their business and get experience in new ecosystems. Startups and tech companies can get access to an incredible range of programs, from pre-accelerators to exclusive soft-landing experiences, events, tools, articles, videos and a complete set of  tools specially designed to transform local business into global companies.

 What makes us unique?

uGlobally is a company 100% focused on share the best opportunities to take startups and tech businesses to new markets. On our platform, we only have programs that accept foreign companies in their batches. Everything is done thinking about connecting you with the maximum opportunities to boost your business to an international level.

You can become a partner

Institutions such as accelerators, coworking spaces, governments, incubators, and universities are invited to share their global opportunities on uGlobally and attract entrepreneurs from all over the world to their countries

If you support any startup program in your country, you can also be part of our community. Click here to learn how it works and all the benefits.