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International collaboration is our key

Our network is always welcoming institutions focused on tech companies, such as accelerators, incubators, universities, tech parks and coworking spaces.
These partners are easily able to help the startups explore the local ecosystem, introduce them to key players and provide working space to get them settled.

Attract amazing startups

uGlobally is a community of over 1000 innovators who are looking for experiences in new ecosystems.  Receive fantastic global-oriented startups and, hence, stimulate your companies to think outside the box. You’re free to accept just the best startups applied, choose the best dates to host them and define the features you will provide.


We don’t charge anything from our partners

Don’t worry. We do not charge our partners to host the startups. uGlobally provides the international landing pass directly to the entrepreneurs, who will afford all the expenses.

Meet some partners in uGlobally’s growing network

Common Questions

What is the advantage of hosting international startups?

Receiving foreign startups brings a lot of benefits to your program. We’ve listed the ones that we like the most:

  • It drives innovation: an international team will bring a diverse set of experiences and points of view, which is crucial to the development of new ideas.
  • It gives you global visibility: you will already have a network with over 60 countries just for signing up to uGlobally’s community. Besides that, after you receive a startup, the team will go back home and tell everyone about the amazing experience that they had in your organization.
  • Collaborates to your ecosystem’s growth: bringing foreign companies to do business in your market is an amazing way to stimulate its growth through international relations.
  • It gives you authority: being an institution with global practices proves that you know what you are doing.

Can I buy uGlobally passes to my startups?

Definitely! We already have some partners that like to give uGlobally passes as a reward at the end of their programs. As they say, “the pass is a fantastic solution to stimulate our startups to explore new markets”.

Are there any other benefits?

For sure! Besides the advantages of hosting international startups, our partners can also benefit from other great features, such as:

  • 20% discount to acquire our international landing pass
  • Incentives to receive and send startups:  automatically receive a 50% discount on a pass to give to one of your teams every time you host an international startup.
  • Being part of an amazing community: our growing global network already counts with some of the major startup’s organizations in the world. It’s always great to be associated with these players.
  • It is free! You don’t need to pay anything to be part of our community.
  • Control: you can select the companies that will come to an experience in your space, as well as the benefits that you will offer them.

What if I just want to receive/send startups?

There is no problem with that. We do not require that our partners do both – it’s totally up to you.