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We’re based in international collaboration

Tech institution as accelerators, incubators, universities, tech parks, coworking spaces and others can be in a perfect position to introduce startups to the key players, provide shared space to get them settled and help entrepreneurs to have a business immersion in their ecosystem.


Choose between Soft Landing or/and Immersion Program

uGlobally is a community of over 1000 innovators who are looking for international opportunities to take their business and get experience in new ecosystems. You can create either a free immersion program to host international startups or a paid soft-landing experience where you will guide tech entrepreneurs to a new level in your ecosystem.


We don’t charge partners

Don’t worry, we don’t charge partners for any cost. You can offer paid soft-landing programs through our platform, entrepreneurs will make this payment directly to your account and we neve get any piece of this cake. uGlobally is a membership based platform where entrepreneurs pay for specific plans. One important benefit partners can have is offer a special discount voucher to your startups become a member.

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