FinTech Soft-Landing Program in The Netherlands

Entering the Dutch market

The complete soft-landing program for Fintechs

This program is designed to make growth happen


This FinTech Soft-Landing was specially created by experts in the Dutch market to help foreign companies enter the market and do business in The Netherlands.

You will have a full week with seminars, workshops, business meetings, mentoring sessions and special events.

The combination of these activities will help you validate your product in The Netherlands, connect with the market and create strategies to succeed in the country.

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

1 Week

02/April/2018 – 06/April/2018

Spots left:
5 in total, 3 left

The whole program is in English.

Application deadline:

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Crosspring logo

Crosspring is an incubator focused on ICT and FinTech startups. The combination of our extensive market experience with a strategic network has assisted over 50 companies to start up throughout the years.

The international mindset is a core part of our incubator. Crosspring has a great number of foreign teams in the program, and all the startups are incentivized to think global from day one.

Besides that, we are also part of several international initiatives together with governments and different tech hubs around Europe.

We understand the needs of international companies and therefore have a fantastic network of advisors and service providers to help you grow faster.

The founder, Maurice Beckand Verwee, has over 20 years of experience and will be the principal mentor of this program.

The Netherlands

The Dutch are known for their international business growth and success, as well because they are a hub for big companies like Sonos, Netflix, Cisco and Tesla.

With a strategic location, high tech infrastructure, multicultural community and international business climate the Netherlands is one of the best places to scale your company up.


In the center of the major Dutch cities lays Zoetermeer, the startup city of the Netherlands.

The region has the most IT people per capita (20% of the population has ICT-related jobs), is home for big international companies (Siemens and Toshiba), and has a lot of schools offering ICT-related education.

The Mayor was a successful entrepreneur himself, so you can be sure that Zoetermeer is growing and innovating constantly.

Zoetermeer is very close to the big cities of The Netherlands. Amsterdam and Utrecht are within a 40-minute drive from Zoetermeer, and The Hague and Rotterdam are less than 20 minutes away.

With the Dutch Innovation Factory (DIF) at its core, there are endless possibilities for doing business and bringing new ideas to life. The DIF has over 500 ICT students studying and working at different companies within the DIF.

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Follow these steps to apply for the FinTech Soft-Landing program:

STEP 1: On the right side of the page you can fill in your name and email address.
STEP 2: We will redirect you to a page with the application form. The same page has a link to the complete presentation of the program, including the schedule and prices.
STEP 3: Answer the questions in the questionary according to your business.
STEP 4: A member of our team will evaluate your application and get in contact with you as soon as possible.
STEP 5: You will receive a link to make the payment if your company is approved for the program.
STEP 5: Pay for the soft-landing to confirm your spot in the program.
STEP 6: Start your preparation and get ready to enter the Dutch market!

About the program

What are the costs?

To receive the costs, please fill the form in the right part of this page.
You will be redirected to a page with the complete schedule of the program as soon as you fill it. The prices are in the same PDF presentation.

What is included in the program?

  • uGlobally’s preparation plan, which will help you get ready to enjoy all the benefits of the soft-landing program
  • Access to our vast network in the Dutch and European ecosystem
  • 3 Hours of 1-on-1 sessions with market experts regarding your company
  • Workshops to help you enter the market
  • Seminars with marketing experts
  • How to incorporate in The Netherlands
  • A general view on Dutch taxes and regulations
  • Meetings with a lawyer and accountant
  • A spot in our inspiring working space
  • Meetings with local FinTech entrepreneurs
  • 7 nights in a four-star hotel close to the Dutch Innovation Factory
  • Daily transfer to the Dutch Innovation Factory
  • Booking your airplane tickets
    • The ticket IS NOT included, only the booking service

What will I get out of this program?

After the program you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why is The Netherlands an interesting country for my startup?
  • How is the FinTech scenario in the Netherlands?
  • How can I incorporate a company in The Netherlands?
  • What are the costs of incorporating a company?
  • How does the tax system work in The Netherlands?
  • What are the regulations for FinTechs?
  • What changes can I make in my current strategies to reach success in The Netherlands?
  • How do I set up a strategy to enter the Netherlands?

Are the flight tickets included in the program?

We are going to book your airplane tickets, but their price IS NOT included in the price. The booking fee is included, the airplane ticket is not.

Will we speak to investors?

There are time frames during the week to set up meetings according to your preferences. Although you can use this time frames to talk to investors, we suggest you to try to talk to customers and get some local market validation before.

How many people are allowed per team?

We suggest that each team brings two persons to the program.
If you want to come with more, please contact us here.

What are the mentoring sessions that I will have?

You will have 3 sessions of one hour with our mentors during the program. You can choose to divide your sessions among the following topics:

  • Entry strategies
  • Business plan
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • Product fit

Am I going to other cities besides Zoetermeer?

The whole programs will take place in Zoetermeer, but there is enough time to set up meetings in other cities. The Netherlands is a small country, so traveling between the major hubs is very easy.

In addition to that, the hotel is right beside the Zoetermeer train station.

  • Zoetermeer – Amsterdam: €13,50 / 1h10 by train
  • Zoetermeer – Rotterdam: €6,80 / 40 minutes by train
  • Zoetermeer – The Hague: €3,20 / 10 minutes by train

For other routes, click here:

Are there any activities available outside of the program?

There are no touristic activities included in the program. However, if the group think it’s interesting, we can arrange a trip to Amsterdam/Rotterdam in the weekend.


How do I apply?

You need to fill the application form in order to apply to the program.
On the right side of the page you can fill in your name and email address. After that, you will be automaticaly redirected to the application form.

Take a look at the third tab to view the whole application process.

What kind of information do I need to apply?

You need to provide information about your business, such as the problem you solve, how you do it and the market validation. Besides that, we also want to know your motivation to come to The Netherlands and is the team behind the company.

What kind of companies are you looking for?

We are looking for companies that fit the following description:

Industry: Software FinTechs
Stage: MVP ready with market validation
Team: Ambitious team that wants to enter the Dutch and European market
Country: Any country

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Complete schedule

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The program includes

Soft-landing Meetings
Tailored business meetings
Fintech accountant and lawyer
Meetings with Accountant and Lawyer
Networking soft-landing
Access to our exclusive network
Soft-landing workshop
Assistance with your entry strategy
Soft-landing Mentoring market experts
Mentoring with experienced advisors
Airplane tickets
Assistance with travel logistics
Fintech Netherlands seminar
Seminars and Workshops with market experts
Soft-landing Working space
Working space

The Region



*Register for free by filling the box on the right side of this page to get access to the complete schedule, prices, and application form.

Do you miss information on this page? Please feel free to contact us here.