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Validate new markets without leaving your country

Get access to local mentors that will help you understand your target market
Matchmaking with investors

One conversation with a market expert can give you deeper insights than 6 months of desk research

That's why we have a list of international mentors that can help you:

Internationalization course

Understand your new market 
Get practical insights by experts on the country you want to enter


Avoid mistakes
Learn from the mistakes from those who have done it in there already

International situation

Validate your assumptions
Ask your questions and validate if this market is a good option for your company.


Reduce risks & save resources
Validating a new market through experts is much faster, cheaper and less riskier than with other methods.

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How it works

Networking soft-landing

1. Book your expert
Search through our mentor’s database and choose the one that has the best fit with your business

Internationalization profile

2. Share information beforehand
We will brief your mentor with your needs and goals so that he/she can be prepared to assist you.

consultant (1)

3. Validate your assumptions
Discuss your plans with the expert and get valuable insights into your market entry.

Soft-landing workshop

4. Implementation
Use these insights to fine-tune your strategy and reduce your risks to enter the target market.

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