Guide: how to select international markets

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How to select international markets

A quick guide to help you choose the best international market for your business

How to select international markets

About this guide

Are you thinking about expanding your business to new countries but still don’t know the best process to select international markets? Then this is the right e-book for you!

We have summarized the experience acquired by working with +200 companies and structured it in a step-by-step way so that you can easily implement it within your organization.

This document will help you understand the most important factors to consider when choosing international markets for your business. It will also guide you on how to evaluate your options and share best practices to decrease your risks of expanding abroad.

What you get from your free guide:

How to select international markets

  • Understand how to do an internal analysis to help you choose your next country
  • Learn how to filter countries out of your options
  • Define your market selection criteria
  • Understand how to compare countries and select international markets that fit your business
  • Extra: tools to support your international market selection procedure

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