How can international experiences boost your creativity?


This video is about how international experiences can boost your creativity as an entrepreneur. Internationalization starts with you before the business itself. Therefore you would need to know your way around foreign and unfamiliar destinations personally.

In this video we are going to talk about the importance of having personal global experiences as an entrepreneur. As well as the way these experiences can improve one’s creativity towards a business.

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Having a global mindset requires the experience of living globally as well. If you as an entrepreneur wish to expand your business to foreign markets, you would require to have the personal experience of living in a foreing destination too.

Everything we learn in life we send a signal to the brain. And the brain creates it as a source of knowledge in the shape of a dot. Therefore, for every knowledge we gain or things we experience, our brain saves it in our data storage. Consequently, when we decide to do something, the brain connects these dots together to have a result for our performance.

Moreover, our brains are programmed to save energy. For instance, sometimes the brain does daily activities without us even thinking about it. Or when entering a new place, you tend to get tired more quickly. The reason for this tiredness is mainly because of taking in a lot of new things that are unfamiliar to your level of knowledge. Therefore, when you are in a familiar place, because your brain is used to everything that goes around you, it automatically shuts off some of its parts. But when you are in a new and unexplored place, it starts working more to save up all the data.

How does travelling benefit your company?

Firstly, experiencing new things will make you more creative and therefore a better entrepreneur. Secondly, travelling develops a lot of soft skills that are extremely important for entrepreneurs. A study shows that 3,400 students live abroad to complete their degree. Among this number, around 97% of them felt much more confident and wise. And 95% of them developed new perspective towards the world. All these are very important when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aditionally 89% of them said it enabled them to handle uncertainty. As a person working in a startup dealing with uncertainty is a daily challenge. All mentioned factors are fundamental for a person working in tech and innovation.

When you first shape a startup, you truly believe that it is going to be awsome. However, as the time goes on, you may realize that the idea is not working properly.  Therefore, you start to try different techniques to find the product market. Once the business becomes a little more stable, that is when you start to think about international markets.

Now what we believe is to think about those international market opportunities way before becoming stable in your business. This is mainly because you as an entrepreneur you can find business solutions in foreign markets. We can find techniques that are much ahead of where we were in other countries. And therefore can easily test the market there and save a lot of time for our business.

Useful platforms allowing businesses to travel

Worldpackers allows you to trade your time for a place to stay and food. As an entrepreneur you can travel to a destination with no home concerns in order to have time to test the market for your product.

Global Talent offers internship experience to those who aim towards career development in global setting.

In addition to that, you can always look for governmental opportunities set for people with ideas. And therefore, develop your idea in a market that best fits your business goal.