How To Launch a Global Startup (almost) Without Costs

Launching global companies nowadays is much easier than it was 5 or 10 years ago, especially if we are talking about technology-based businesses in which the product is an app or online service.


We’ve listed some tips to help any entrepreneur launch a global startup with minimum budget. It is incredibly easy and fast – check it out:


“Fake it ’til you make it”

This well-known expression literally means to pretend something until it becomes real, and it is very popular among startups. The idea is to look at your project as being global from day one.

Assuming a global attitude will incentivize you and your team to create strategies to make it become a reality!


Translate your website & social media for only $5/500 words

If you want to go abroad it is fundamental that people from all over the world understand your business. Just imagine that a potential client, willing to spend thousands of dollars buying your product/service, go to your website and don’t speak the same language as you! You just lost a great deal, right?

Translating your website and your social media to English is an important first step to avoid this situation and is very easy to do. You can translate up to 500 words for only US$5 on!


Hire a “biz address” in a coworking

You may even appear to be global acting from your home country, but it is certainly much easier to sell that image if you have an address abroad. You can go to services like Liquidspace or Sharedesk and find the most interesting places in the country that you want people to think your company is (remembering we’re not talking about opening legally, at least for now).

Many spaces offer the “biz address” service for 30 or 45 dollars a month. It will be hard to escape from this cost, but you can enjoy the advantages that these places offer, such as their online networking and many other perks.


Buy an international phone number

If the coworking service does not provide a telephone number, it may be worth hiring one on Skype or Voicelyn. You can receive calls directly on your phone using this service.

You can also have an international virtual receptionist that will answer your calls and also pass basic information about your product. However it seems great, the virtual receptionist is more expensive, costing around $260/month.


Get customers via professional networks

Now that your website & social media are in English and you have an international address, it’s time to start looking for the first foreign customers to test your service.

We suggest starting with online networks of professionals, such as LinkedIn or Xing. You can either post tips from your industry on groups and forums or send messages directly to profiles that interest you the most.

Remember, at this time it is interesting to get clients that are a reference in your area. Be very focused on this purpose by mapping key people in the ecosystem and start a conversation with them as soon as possible. If you have problems writing the texts, go back to the second item of this list and translate everything. If you do that, it’s just a matter of copying and pasting.

You can check some nice icebreakers to use in this link.


Hire someone from another country

Hiring someone from another country change your organizational beliefs and implement an international mindset within your team.

Many institutions offer internship opportunities in other nations, such as Aiesec. All you need to do is to register your company and start thinking global!


Go for international-focused programs

After the first contacts with foreign clients, you will have an idea of your startup’s impact and the potential that you have in the global market. This information will help you enter into acceleration and soft-landing programs, which are one of the shortest ways to get your startup to the next level.


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