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We make it easier for your company to go international

uGlobally helps tech companies go abroad by developing soft-landing programs together with accelerators and incubators around the world. With our help, your international landing will be as soft as possible.

Soft-landing programs

Taking your company abroad is almost like starting all over again. You need to study the target market, (re)validate your idea, adapt your product & business model to local needs, create entry strategies, study taxes & legal information…Let’s be honest, you don’t have time to that anymore when you already have your business running!

We understand that and therefore organize a complete package for those who want to start international operations: a soft-landing program. These opportunities are hosted by trusted accelerators and incubators that will help you validate the market and get your business to the next level.


Customized program
1 – 2 weeks of soft-landing based on your needs


Strategic Connections
Connect with relevant people in your industry, including potential customers and partners


Mentorship with market experts
Create entry & growth strategies assisted by specialists in the local market


Meeting with accountants and lawyers
Understand the best way to set up your international operations


Help with glocal strategies
Learn which features of your product you can use globally and which you should localize


Working space
Enjoy a fantastic place to work during your stay – together with local startups!

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Trusted by innovation centers everywhere

Startup organizations from all around the world have partnered with uGlobally, both to host foreign companies and send their startups abroad.

  • “uGlobally helped us set up our international strategy and find out the best path to take Mydia Book to new markets. Their approach was fantastic – I loved to use their services." Carolina Parin, CEO of Mydia Book

  • “uGlobally made me understand that internationalization is not as hard as it seems and that my product could reach global markets faster than I’ve ever imagined.” Leandro Kasan, CEO of Guitar Play

  • “uGlobally’s platform was essential to our internationalization process. We found the perfect soft-landing program for us on the website, which has connected our company to the Portuguese market and relevant players in our industry. Thanks to uGlobally, we are reaching our international goals much faster than what we have predicted.“ Francisco Lang, CEO of Clvbe

Common Questions

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Do you have any success case?

Yes! In only 6 months we’ve helped over 20 companies to take their first international steps. Our portfolio includes businesses from all industries, from Agrotech to Musictech, and all stages.

Is my startup too early (or late) stage to a soft-landing?

Not at all. International experiences are an excellent way to get references even before you create your product. However, we do recommend that you have a functional MVP and some marketing validation to take full advantage of the programs.

The idea is that, at the end of the experience, you bring innovative solutions to your (still) local business or idea, find strategic partners and increase your customer base.

Does uGlobally focus on a specific region or industry?

Not at all. Our international landing pass was designed to help companies from everywhere and from any industry to have international experiences.

What am I expected to get at the end of my international experience?

Our programs encourage you to gain hands-on knowledge of internationalization instead of paying someone to do it for you.

You are the one who is getting to know the new market and connecting with potential customers, partners and relevant people in your industry, not a third-party. In other words – you are the one who will make things happen!

Thus, at the end of your experience, you will not depend on anyone else to take your business abroad, you will have the know-how to start your international operations.