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uGlobally Premium users will benefit from an incredible set of tools to become global – personalized support and access to exclusive opportunities are just a brief idea of what we have to offer. Discover all the advantages bellow:

Get all the support you need

Internationalization is not an easy task – you’ll have lots and lots of questions during the process. As an uGlobally Premium Member you can enjoy online consultations to discuss the global perspective of your business model, help your international journey planning and a revision of your LinkedIn/AngelList profiles by an English native speaker;

Apply for startup programs has never been so easy

One of the most common ways that startups use to go international is to apply to accelerator programs. Some accelerators can provide investment, business development services, and the right networking to turn your startup into a global venture. However, it is not easy to get selected for these programs.

uGlobally Premium users have access to a handle-picked selection of the best “foreign open” accelerator programs, as well as assistance with the application forms, video pitches and support through the whole process.

Soft-landing experiences

Exploring a new market by yourself is a tough task and can lead to a terrible waste of money and time. uGlobally Premium members receive the right guidance to choose and apply to our exclusive soft-landing experiences. These programs are created in partnership with local accelerators or incubators and are designed to help entrepreneurs to start operations in their country.

Premium Features

Our premium features allow businesses to go abroad through a more affordable and efficient way than traditional methods. They are designed to improve your global mindset and provide you with relevant information to start your internationalization. Above all, they work together to turn internationalization into a reality for most startups and tech companies around the world.

Consulting calls

Get valuable feedback from one of our experts during Skype sessions and answer questions such as:

  • Is my startup ready to start international operations?
  • What should I change to go global?
  • What is the best way to take my business abroad?
  • How can I start to internationalize without leaving my country?
  • What is the best country to start?
  • And much more!

Startup program's curated list

uGlobally START and PREMIUM members have access to a hand-picked list of the best “foreign-friendly” accelerator, pre-accelerator, and incubator programs, as well as startup competitions and events focused on internationalization.

The beauty of this list remains on the amount of time that you will save searching for these programs on other websites, managing deadlines, application forms and etc.

Forms and LinkedIn/AngelList review

uGlobally’s team will review all the forms that you need to fill when applying to programs, as well as your LinkedIn and AngelList profile, just to make sure that you are submitting an application as attractive as possible. We will carefully analyze the content and the English of your application to suggest improvements and thus increase your chances of being accepted.

Global Newsletter

The Global Newsletter is a carefully curated list of the best opportunities to take the first international step with your business. Every week you’ll receive, directly in your e-mail, programs around the world that accept foreign startups at their batch. You will receive:

  • Accelerator and pre-accelerator programs
  • Incubators opportunities
  • Soft-landing programs
  • Tips about internationalization

Company profile

The company profile is a complete form that contains the most frequent asked questions used by accelerator and incubator programs around the world. We will keep these answers in our system so that you can copy and paste on the applications forms of the other programs that you apply.

Besides that, our Premium users can benefit from a complete review of this form, including content revision made by our team of experts and an English review by a native speaker.

Customized international experience

We are going to create an incredible one business week (Monday to Friday) customized experience in an international “startup-city” just for you. This is by far the best option for new and mature tech companies that are looking to get an inside view of new markets and want to explore opportunities in innovation ecosystems around the world.

uGlobally PREMIUM users can benefit from this experience with no additional costs!

Access to exclusive soft-landing opportunities

uGlobally users have access to exclusive soft-landing opportunities that we co-create together with local accelerators or incubators from the best ecosystems around the world. These programs are designed to help foreign companies start their operations in these countries.

Besides the access to these opportunities, uGlobally PREMIUM members also receive assistance to choose the right Soft-Landing Program for their business based on goals and needs.

For more information about soft-landing programs, click here.

Webinars, videos and training sessions

uGlobally PREMIUM users can benefit from relevant content focused on internationalization. You will get access to information about other markets, how to internationalize, where to go and much more.

Flexible pricing, features for all

Always FREE member

$ 0/mo

Curated selection of programs (only list view);
Soft-Landing programs (full access)
Articles, videos, and webinars;
Global Newsletter;
Community support;

Join uGlobally ALWAYS FREE

uGlobally START

$ 29,00/mo

Curated selection of programs;
Soft-Landing programs
Startup events directory
Articles, videos, and webinars;
Bookmark your favorite programs;
Global Newsletter;
Live support;
Discounts and free deals;
Billed every 3 months

Join uGlobally Start

uGlobally PREMIUM

$ 129,00/mo*

Personal consultation call;
Analysis of your services in a global perspective;
Revision of LinkedIn/AngelList;
 Curated selection of programs;
Soft-Landing Programs;
Startup events directory;
Exclusive Soft-Landing Help;
One FREE customized experience;
Global Newsletter;
Live support during all the process;
Webinars, videos, and training;
Billed every 3 months

Join uGlobally PREMIUM

*Our regular price is US$290.00/month;
**If you feel like you did not receive value from this membership and did not feel more prepared than before to take your company abroad in the first 30 days, just email us, and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.

Happy Customers

See what our customers say about us

Leo Favaro farmin

“uGlobally services helped my company to identify and explore opportunities in new global enviroment and discover awesome ways to have a business abroad”

– Leonardo Favaro, CEO, Farmin

“uGlobally helped us set up our international strategy and find out the best path to take Mydia Book to new markets. Their approach was fantastic – I loved to use their services”

– Carolina Parolin, CEO, MydiaBook
Leandro kasan GuitarPlay

“uGlobally helped me understand that internationalization is not as hard as it seems and that my product could reach global markets faster than I’ve ever imagined.”

– Leandro Kasan, CEO, Guitar Play

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Common Questions

Is my startup too eary (or late) stage to be a Premium member?

Not at all. We have a wide range of benefits that are focusing from early to advanced stages.

Does uGlobally focus on a specific country or industry?

Not at all. Our technology is not limited to any region or industry. uGlobally’s premium features were designed to help companies from everywhere and from any industry to start their operations abroad.

Do you have any success cases?

Yes! In only 6 months we’ve helped over 20 companies to take their first international steps. Our portfolio includes businesses from all industries, from Agrotech to Musictech, and all stages.

What if I do not feel more prepared to go abroad?

If you’re not getting incredible value and feeling more prepared than ever to go abroad in the first 30 days, just email us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase, no questions asked.