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Accelerator Finder

Accelerator Finder


Get special help on your journey to be accepted to a international acceleration program

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Product Description

About the Accelerator Finder:

We will identify the best accelerator programs for your startup, as well as assist you with the entire application process and increase your chances of being accepted!

What’s included:

  • 1-hour business meeting with an internationalization expert from our team;
  • Analysis of your business model in a global perspective;
  • Selection of the best 5 international pre-accelerator, accelerator or incubator programs based on your goals and needs;
  • Assistance with answering the application form and final review of all answers;
  • Assistance in creating and final review of your video pitch script
  • Support during the whole process.

How it works:

  1. Book an hour on our online schedule
  2. Enjoy 1h mentorship through Skype with one of our experts, who will understand your business and search the programs for you
  3. Receive a list with the best 5 accelerator programs around the world that match your goals and needs
  4. As soon as you approve the list, you will be given a form with questions asked on the application forms of these 5 programs
  5. You can either answer it in English, Portuguese or Spanish
  6. We will review all your answers and make your questions as attractive as possible, as well as correct possible grammar mistakes in English
  7. Our team will do the same with your video script and make it ideal and ready to be recorded
  8. Apply to these programs using the reviewed form and wait for the results!

Who’s this for:

Startups and tech companies that want to create and/or develop their idea in another country.

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