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Patrícia Zanlorenci

Serial Entrepreneur | Mentor | Ecosystem Builder

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About me: 

Mentor of Startups, Executives and Career. High Performance Coach. I help entrepreneurs to start or continue a company with creativity, clarity and purpose to enhance their results, allow a life with balance, happiness, doing what they love and impact life society positively. I am a Lawyer, Accountant and Business Administrator.

I have an MBA in Marketing and Controlling. I am also a Certified High Performance Coach. My experience of more than 10 years in the corporate world of large multinationals allows me to bring tools and applied models that collaborate with the good planning and development of the business so that they take off and increase their profitability. Also my knowledge in the personal development field allows me to help increase results by applying specific coach tools.

What I can help you with:

  • Validate their idea in Brazil and Italy
  • Adapt their business plan focusing on local needs
  • Find local resources
  • Get funding
  • Create a local marketing and sales strategy
  • Find new partners
  • Create an international expansion strategy

How it works: 

  1. Choose your mentor
  2. Register for the membership by clicking the green button “Register”
  3. Create a free account in our platform (if you still do not have one)
  4. Pay for the session
  5. Our team will schedule the session according to the availability of both you and the mentor
  6. We will gather information about what you want to discuss with the mentor and share it with him/her prior to the meeting
  7. You will have 1h session with the mentor, in which you can validate your hypothesis and get valuable insights into your expansion

uGlobally B.V is a company working towards the mission of breaking internationalization barriers for tech companies, ecosystem builders, and governments all over the world.

To achieve that, uGlobally offers a wide range of services, including workshops and training, business missions & soft-landings, consulting services, and a SaaS platform.

Matchmaking with investors


Business Modeling, Marketing, Finances, Sales, Business cultures, Management, Human resources.


Brazil & Italy



Sector Agnostic.



English, Portuguese & Italian.



€97 / session

Validate new markets

without leaving your country

Suggestion of strategies

Validate your assumptions with an expert in your target market

Reduce risks

Avoid mistakes and find shortcuts by hearing practical insights from those who are in that market

Global mentors

Get access to a local network to start exploring your new country

Other mentors

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the Netherlands, Lithuania


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