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Lisbon’s experience – Beta-I Individual Soft-Landing

Beta-i - Connect with one of the most important startup cities in Europe


Through our soft-landing program you will increase local network in terms of service providers and will clearly understand the process of setting up a company in Portugal. You will also have the chance to learn and meet the Portuguese investment ecosystem, understand the characteristics of our market and develop the best strategies to start your operations here. We’ve accelerated over 500 startups in the last 6 years, more than 50% are not from Portugal. We understand their needs and we have put together a network of business advisors that can help companies establish faster! The main benefits of our program are:

  • Shared desk in our coworking space during your stay;
  • 4h of mentorships with our market experts (business plan and strategies);
  • Exclusive connections within  European market;
  • 2h meeting with a specialist in opening businesses in Portugal (legal, accounting and VISA);
  • Opportunity to participate and pitch your company in meetups;
  • Access to events during your stay;
  • Startup tour – one day visiting a successful startup in Lisbon.
  • Assistance in logistics;
  • Business and local cultural overview;


Startups and tech companies that have a world scalable business.

Business Level:

Projects starting from the idea phase to growth.


We are able to offer our experience in English and Portuguese.


Although it’s NOT included in our program we can help you to find the perfect option. Rents in Lisbon ranges from $300-500 for 2 weeks.


At Beta-i we do INSPIRATION through the organization of events around startups and innovation; we do ACCELERATION by running global tech-based programs; we do INNOVATION by helping corporations work as and with startups; we do PEOPLE by empowering our network and the relationship between our entrepreneurs and supporters; we do FUN boosting the ecosystem & partnerships; we do INSIGHTS by publishing up to date content on everything we do.

Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal, with a population of 552,700 people. The city is attracting startups from all over the world for reasons such as:

Cost of life

Lisbon’s cost of life is very low when compared to other huge ecosystems within the EU. Rent prices, for example, can be almost 70% cheaper than in London. It’s not usual to pay much more than €1 for a coffee or beer in Lisbon, while grocery prices are nearly 25 percent less than in another major startup hub, Berlin. You can take a look at Lisbon’s costs here.

Giving entrepreneurs a boost

The Municipality of Lisbon pays close attention to the startup community and there are many incentives for entrepreneurs to start their companies there. Startups have reduced tax rate, which can be as low as 7,5% and facilities through the process of opening the business.

 NOT included in this price: 

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Meals
  • Investment
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (if it’s necessary for your country)

About Soft-Landing Experiences

  • Beta-i specially developed this program to startups and tech companies;
  • The primary goal is to connect your business with Lisbon’s ecosystem and help in your internationalization process through an immersive, hands-on experience;
  • This is NOT an accelerator program, there’s NO equity taken, and the organizer will not provide any investments;
  • Click here to get more information about Soft Landing experiences.

How to apply

  1. Click on the “Apply” button;
  2. Pay uGlobally’s fee;
  3. Fulfill your company profile;
  4. Beta-i’s team will analyze your company profile and send you a response approving your experience;
  5. They might ask for a meeting before the trip to gather more information about your business and your experience’s goal;
  6. As soon as you’re approved you can start to prepare everything for your trip and have the best experience as possible;
  7. Remember: you need to pay the program fee directly to Beta-i when you arrive in Lisbon.

uGlobally’s Fee

The fee that we charge is a contribution to our costs for infrastructure, development, and support of the platform. This allows us to maintain high levels of service while we continue to bring innovative solutions to your internationalization. This fee is 100% retained by uGlobally.
Important: uGlobally’s Premium users DO NOT need to pay this fee. To learn more about this and other premium’s benefits click here.

Why should I choose Beta-i?

We’ve accelerated over 500 startups in the last 6 years, more than 50% are not from Portugal. We understand foreign companies’ needs and we have put together a network of business advisors that can help companies establish faster.

Who is going to help me during my stay on Beta-i

One of our business advisors, who have a lot of experience with companies that are not from Portugal.

Am I going to talk with investors?

We have this as a possibility. We can provide these connections if we understand, after discussing with you, that is interesting for your business to look for local investment.

Are you going to ask for any participation in the deals that I close during my stay?

No. We only receive the program’s investment, which is USD 1,500 per 2 weeks.

What you get

1-1 Mentorship

Strategic connections

Legal and Visa advisory services

Information about the Portuguese market

Help to adapt your business plan

Help to find meetups and local events

Coworking space

Possibility to pitch to local investors



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