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Zoetermeer Immersion Trip – Crosspring Individual Soft-Landing

Crosspring - We are a startup accelerator and seed investor based in the Netherlands.


Our immersion experience is the perfect opportunity for you that is aiming the Dutch and the European markets. During the 2 weeks of our program we will provide your company with the necessary knowledge and the right connections to bring your business to our market. The main benefits are:

  • 4 hours per week of mentorships with our market experts, who will provide you with:
    • Market insights
    • Help to build and effective marketing strategy
    • Assitance with legal & financial aspects of opening your business
    • Guidance to build your plan of activities to enter the market
  • Connection with important players in IOT, software and games industry
  • Access to our unique European network
  • Inspiring coworking space


Startups and tech companies that have a world scalable business.

Business Level:

Projects that already have their MPV running.


We are able to offer our experience in English & Dutch.


Although it’s NOT included in our program, we can help you to find the perfect option. Rents in Zoetermeer ranges from $700-1500 for 2 weeks.
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Crosspring Lab

Crosspring Lab is located in the Dutch Innovation Factory in Zoetermeer Netherlands. The Lab is an inspiring place with like-minded people who have the ambition to start a successful business and / or want to extend their existing business in the areas of internet, mobile applications, software, and games.


The Dutch are known for their international business growth and success, as well because they are a hub for big companies like Sonos, Netflix, Cisco and Tesla. With a strategic location, high tech infrastructure, multicultural community and international business climate the Netherlands is one of the best places to scale your company up.

In the center of the mayor Dutch cities lays Zoetermeer, the startup city of the Netherlands. With the most IT people per capita and a Mayor that was a successful entrepreneur himself, you can be sure that Zoetermeer is growing and innovating constantly. In the last year, Zoetermeer started the Innovation Park to bring new and existing companies together and create more office space for tech companies. With the Dutch Innovation Factory (DIF) in its core there are endless possibilities for doing business and bringing new ideas to life.The DIF has over 500 ICT students studying and working at different companies within the DIF.

Amsterdam (airport) and Utrecht are within 40-minute drive and The Hague and Rotterdam (airport) are only 18 minutes away. Besides endless business possibilities Zoetermeer is also known for their leisure activities. In your spare time you can go golfing, kiting, windsurfing, karting, ice skating, rafting or even snowboarding.

This program DO NOT not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Investment
  • Transport
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (if it’s necessary for your country)

About soft-landing experiences

  • Crosspring specially developed this program to startups and tech companies;
  • The primary goal is to connect your business with Zoetermeer’s ecosystem and help in your internationalization process through an immersive, hands-on experience;
  • This is NOT an accelerator program, there’s NO equity taken, and the organizer will not provide any investments;
  • Click here to get more information about Soft Landing experiences.

How to apply:

  1. Click on the “Apply” button;
  2. Pay uGlobally’s fee;
  3. Fulfill your company profile;
  4. Crosspring’s team will analyze your company profile and send you a response approving your experience;
  5. They might ask for a meeting before the trip to gather more information about your business and your experience’s goal;
  6. As soon as you’re approved you can start to prepare everything for your trip and have the best experience as possible;
  7. Remember: you need to pay the program fee directly to Crosspring.

uGlobally’s Fee

The fee that we charge is a contribution to our costs for infrastructure, development, and support of the platform. This allows us to maintain high levels of service while we continue to bring innovative solutions to your internationalization. This fee is 100% retained by uGlobally.
Important: uGlobally’s Premium users DO NOT need to pay this fee. To learn more about this and other premium’s benefits click here.

Why should I choose Crosspring?
First of all, our advisors have extensive knowledge in IoT and FinTech industries – they are the right people to help you in these markets. We also have unique connections within the European ecosystem because of our partnership with other accelerators and the European commission, so we can put you in contact with the most relevant people in your industry. At last but not the least, we are located in Zoetermeer, which is considered the startup city of the Netherlands.

Who is going to help me during my stay?
Our team of business advisors, who have a lot of experience in the Dutch market.

Am I going to talk with investors?
We have this as a possibility. We can provide these connections if we understand, after discussing with you, that it is interesting for your business to look for local investment.

Are you going to ask for any participation in the deals that I close during my stay?
No. We only receive the program’s investment, which is USD 1,300 per 2 weeks.

What you get

Connection within Crosspring’s unique European network

1-1 mentorship

Connection with important players

Information about the Dutch market

Pitch-fire session with coworkers and other startups

Visit to successful startups/companies

Help to find meetups and local events

Coworking space



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Program Overview

  • Type: Individual Soft-Landing
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Availability: Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec
  • Equity: 0%
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