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International Accelerator – Austin, US

The Program

IA’s accelerator program is designed to help non-US founders raise capital and expand their startup in the US. The 12-months program operates under the assumption that as a foreign startup, you’ll need the first couple of months to deal with corporate and immigration matters, relocate to Austin, get your feet on the ground, adapt to the new environment and understand a brand new market.

Cultural Adaptation phase (Month 1-3)

  • That is the moment when the StartUp will get to know the US enviroment and will need to adapt every detail of your company and product to grow in the US market
  • Besides, with the company adaptation will be also happening the founder adaptation to the US and we will be giving you all the logistic support so you have only to worry about your company
Sprint phase (Month 4-6)
  • The main focus in this phase is to implement and execute the planned strategies in the first phase
  • In this phase the StartUp is already adapted to the US market and is putting the product in the field and growing
  • The founders are also adapted to the US living style and will be speeding in results
Master phase (Month 7-9)
  • In this moment the product and company will need to slow down a little bit to review strategies and feedbacks of the product that is on the market.
  • Slow down doesn’t mean stop, so the StartUp will keep with the plan and in the field scaling up the company.
  • This is the most important phase, when the Startup will be improving the product at the same time that is scaling in sales and getting ready for the final phase of the AI program
Performing phase (Month 10-12)
  • This is the final phase, when the company will be ready to graduate and go to the US Market and, if this is the case, Worldwide.
  • Our focus here is to make you independent and ready for the growth that you are expecting. For this to happen we will be with you creating your next steps and plan.
  • We will also establish all the next steps to International Accelerator be connected and supporting you as a IA graduated alumnus.


The Organizer

IA is focused solely on investing in companies with non-U.S. citizen founders. We provide access to seed funding, quality mentors, and services you need to start up in the United States.


IA’s team highlight their program as a high-touch, personal, and hands-on accelerator program. They’ll assist you with everything you need in your relocation, from legal, visa and incorporation issues, to personal, transportation, housing and cultural problems. Some of the bennefits that the program provides are:

  • Connection with key investors, mentors, customers & partners in your industry
  • Seed funding for your startup: $50,000 in two rounds of $25,000 in the form of convertible notes
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Relocation and expansion support
  • Free co-working spacex
  • Support system of professional and discounted services – web hosting, law, immigration, tax, accounting, banking online payment, investor relations, advertising, etc.

The International Accelerator is looking for:


  • Extraordinary founding team and existing startup
  • At least one of your founders is not a U.S. citizen
  • You are committed to moving to the United States to expand your company
  • You have at least a demo product with some customer/market validation and traction
  • Your product is solving a big problem in a big market and has high gross margin potentia

According to IA, there are 4 main reasons why Austin is the ideal place to expand your startup in the US:


Easy Access to Capital
  • Venture capital investments in Austin reached almost 1 Billion USD in 2015
  • Startups in Austin have received over $12 billion in venture capital funding from 1995-2014
  • Austin Startup’ss reached 3,9 Billions USD exits in 2015
  • #3 of the Top 100 Cities for Tech Acquisitions
  • The Austin startup scene is supported by 35 local incubators, accelerators, and co-working space facilities
  • Easier access to the investors & senior management due to the close and collaborative startup ecosystem and culture
  • Located in the center of the U.S., Austin allows you to go to both the West and East Coast within a few hours to meet partners and investors


Low Cost of Living
  • Significantly lower Cost of Living Index than other major cities


Cost of Operations
  • It’s not easy to raise money, so you want to make sure it’s spent properly.
  • Austin has significantly lower cost of operations than San Francisco, giving the same amount of money a lot more power!

Austin startup operation cost vs. San Fracisco


Access to Talent
  • Austin is a fast growing city which attracts young talent from all over the country
  • 273,200 people moved to Austin locally and international in 2015 (Median age: 28.1)
  • Tech employment has increased 30% since 2010
  • Austin is young & energetic: 43.7% of the Austin population is between ages 25-44 with bachelor’s degrees
  • Some of the many reasons why young talents: booming tech economy, affordable cost of living, university town with tons of sports events & vibrant young and music culture
  • Source: Bureau of Labour Statistics
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Program Overview

  • Type:
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Funds: $50,000
  • Equity: 10%
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