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Singapore’s Immersion Trip – The OutPost Individual Soft-Landing

The OutPost - Accelerating your market entry to southeast asia

Singapore’s immersion trip is your market entry to southeast asia. Our range of services are developed to meet the needs of small business and startups that want to explore Singapore’s market and get to know our ecosystem.

We understand that each company has different needs when coming to explore Singapore’s market. Bearing that in mind, we create a different program for each business. Please, let us know what your needs are so that we can develop a custom immersion experience for you.

During your stay, we are able to offer:

  • Guidance from an appropriate member of our advisory board, who will connect you to relevant professional advisors and potential business partners and customers
  • Information about Singapore’s market
  • 4h of mentorship per week regarding your business plan and your entry stragegies
  • 2h of advice per week on local business registrations, administration, and work permits
  • Help to find an affordable accommodation
  • A spot in our coworking
  • And much more!


Important: the price shown in this page is based on a package that includes ONLY the coworking facilities and the mentorship. Please get in touch with us so we can understand your needs and develop a special package for your business.


Although it’s NOT included in our program we can help you to find the perfect option. Rents in Singapore ranges from $500-800 for 2 weeks.



We are able to offer our experience in English.


The organizer:

The OutPost is more than a coworking space. Our core mission is to help our resident companies enter the Southeast Asian market quickly and effectively. Yes, we offer physical office facilities in a coworking environment. But more importantly, we offer access to best-in-class professional services providers and informal advice from others who have gone through the process of setting up operations in Singapore.


Startups from all industries are able to this experience.


Stage of your project:

We accept startups that already have their MVP running.


Singapore is ranked among the top 10 startup ecosystems in the world. It possess the capacity to embrace people of multicultural backgrounds from all over Asia Pacific. Despite being an island city-state with a population of just 5.5 million, Singapore boasts some of the world’s wealthiest citizens with GDP per capital at US$71,310 indicating strong spending power from its domestic city-state. Most importantly, its geographical location allows it to effectively present itself as a gateway to a population of nearly 600 million throughout the Southeast Asian region.

Some of the contributing factors to the city’s startup successes are growth opportunities, governmental and regulatory support, ease of starting businesses, and geographical advantage. These highlights are appealing to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

Source: Forbes.

This program DO NOT not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Investment
  • Transport
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (if it’s necessary for your country)

About the program

  • Our immersion experiences are specially developed to technology companies.
  • The goal is to connect your business with the leading ecosystems around the world and help you with the internationalization process through hands-on experiences.
  • Different from an acceleration program, we do not take equity and do not provide investments. This way we make it easier for you to have an international experience, once the selection process is easier and there is less commitment involved.

About the process

  • You’ll need to provide information about your company to the organizer to apply for this program. You just have to fill out the form that is going to show up after you hit “apply”.
  • You’ll only receive a booking fee invoice from us if the organizer accepts your company in the program. You’ll be able to continue the process and confirm your experience right after paying this fee.
  • uGlobally will only receive the booking fee. All other expenses must be paid directly to the organizer according to its requirements.

About the costs

  • The most basic package of this program is $400, including ONLY coworking space and mentorship ($200 of booking fee and $200 of the coworking rental).
  • After applying to this program, the organizer will create a special package for you. If you are selected, you need to pay the booking fee in advance (USD 20% of the final price) and the program price directly to The OutPost.

Why should I choose The Outpost?

Our team has extensive experience in international markets, so we know exactly what you need when migrating your business to Singapore.

Who is going to help me during my stay?
One of our business advisors, who have a lot of experience with companies that are not from Singapore.

Am I going to talk with investors?
We have this as a possibility. We can provide these connections if we understand, after discussing with you, that is interesting for your business to look for local investment.

Are you going to ask for any participation in the deals that I close during my stay?
No. We only receive the program’s investment, which is USD 400 per 2 weeks.


1-1 mentorship

Strategic connections

Information about Singapore’s market

Help to find meetups and local events


Advice on local business registrations, administration, and work permits

Help with accommodation



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  • Type: Individual Soft-Landing
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Availability: Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - Jun - Jul - Aug - Sep - Oct - Nov - Dec
  • Equity: 0%
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