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Technology Hub @ Juarez is the perfect opportunity for you that is aiming to the Mexican market.

Juarez / El Paso Borderplex has big opportunities to develop new businesses. The city, located on the border with the USA, is the home to 85 major multinational companies, including Johnson & Johnson and Siemens. Technology Hub is set in a key area, near the University, sciences and technology institutes and the border with the USA.

During your stay, you can benefit from our:

  • Unique connections with the manufacturing industry, local colleges, and main commerce chambers of both cities.
  • Mentorship with market experts (2-3 hours weekly).
  • Amazing coworking space 24/7.
  • Possibility to pitch to local investors.


We are able to offer our experience in English and Spanish.


The organizer:

Our goal is to support innovative projects. We finance innovative ideas and offer support through mentoring of established companies and certified mentors to ensure their oriented growth.

We are over 20 years managing business in the Telecomm industries in Mexico and have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing process.

We accept companies of the following industries:


  • IoT
  • Technology
  • Automative
  • E-commerce


Stage of your project:

We accept companies that already have their MVP running.

Ciudad Juarez has over 1.3 million habitants and is the division between Mexico and the U.S. El Paso and Juarez economies depend on the imbalances created by the national border that runs along the river that marks the border.  The city is home to 85 major multinational companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Delphi, Siemens, and Foxconn. It is known for technology development and large manufacturing operations.

The low wages and proximity to the U.S have been attracting massive foreign investment in the region.



Mexico has a booming high-tech economy, with soaring demand for both B2C, B2B, and B2G solutions. Part of NAFTA, Mexico is the natural “first step” into Latin America for most businesses considering a move into the region. The country has its own, very particular culture and business model.

According to the World Economic Forum, in 2015 Mexico produced more than 110,000 engineering graduates, placing the country in the top ten worldwide, and the leader in Latin America.

For more information: LatAm Startups.

This program DO NOT not include:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Investment
  • Transport
  • Travel insurance
  • Visa (if it’s necessary for your country)

About the program

  • Our immersion experiences are specially developed to technology companies.
  • The goal is to connect your business with the leading ecosystems around the world and help you with the internationalization process through hands-on experiences.
  • Different from an acceleration program, we do not take equity and do not provide investments. This way we make it easier for you to have an international experience, once the selection process is easier and there is less commitment involved.

About the process

  • You’ll need to provide information about your company to the organizer to apply for this program. You just have to fill out the form that is going to show up after you hit “apply”.
  • You’ll only receive a booking fee invoice from us if the organizer accepts your company in the program. You’ll be able to continue the process and confirm your experience right after paying this fee.
  • uGlobally will only receive the booking fee. All other expenses must be paid directly to the organizer according to its requirements.

About the costs

  • The total value of this program is USD 750 per 2 weeks
  • If you are selected, you need to pay the booking fee in advance (USD 150) and the program price (USD 600) directly to TechHub.


1-1 mentorship

Strategic connections

Information about the Mexican market

Help to adapt your business plan

Accounting mentorship

Possibility to pitch to local investors

Training classes


Help to find meetups and local events

Help with accommodation



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Program Overview

  • Type: Individual Soft-Landing
  • Duration: 2 weeks
  • Availability: Mar - Jun - Oct
  • Equity: 0%
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