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Platform of integrated services of health support
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Developing truly transformative technologies that aim to improve access to health and information, empowering people, that is, promoting more health and well being for you and your family, is our purpose.
Main Interest
Test my business in a new market
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Startup Phase:
Working prototype in development
Revenue Model:
Our main competitor is misinformation. Most people think of health as the treatment of some disease, rather than thinking about prevention. At MedYes we develop tools that break with preconception health, empowering people and promoting health through prevention.
International Strategy:
We are currently working on and studying the best international strategy for our business model.

Team Leader Information

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  • Founders: Alex Antonucci (Founder and CEO) - Healthcare professional, entrepreneur and passionate about technology, with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Graduated in pharmacy, postgraduate and specialist in business management.Gardiego Luiz (Founder and CTO) - Entrepreneur specialized in systems for internet and systems for agribusiness. He has been developing software since 2005, with experience in programming, database and project management.

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