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Alexandre Strehle

Belo Horizonte

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Business Information

Country Headquarter:
Belo Horizonte
Country Operations:
Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
Go Music Hall is a Platform for complete management of musical studios.
Startup Website:
Describe your startup / solution:
The platform Go Music Hall helps music studio owners professionally manage their business. What's interesting that it's not just a platform, it's a club of advantage helping musical studios thrive. And the musicians are also part of this club.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Pivoting prototype with users/clients
Revenue Model:
Fixed rate by monthy of studios; 10% of the service delivered using our mobile app or website.
Cucco is the competitor, however they work with any market segment. Our differential is the focus on the music market, offering prosperity to the musical studios. The platform Go Music Hall isn't only to management and scheduling. It's a partnership that will help the studios to grows and conquist more customers.s.
International Strategy:
Criamos uma estratégia padrão que pode ser utilizada em qualquer país do mundo. Foco em prosperidade para os estúdios musicais. Nosso estudo está baseado no Google Partner para empresas.

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: Musical market
  • Founders: Alexandre Strehle - CEO - Specialist in Digital Marketing and Strategic Planning.In the market more than 10 years.Marcos Aurelio Siqueira Felix - CTO - System Analyst with specializations in technologies and development for more than 15 years.

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