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Business Information

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Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
4milk your herd in your hands.
Startup Website:
Describe your startup / solution:
Technology company active in the agribusiness sector developing applications for livestock.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Scaling sales
Revenue Model:
Our model is based on two tips, and these two tips are interconnected by the application of 4milk. At the producer's tip, our premise is the freemium model, since currently they have a small profit margin in this activity. At the other end we have the industry - the whole milk chain. There are several segments of the dairy chain that are interested not only in our "Big Data", but also in being together with the dairy producer in their daily lives as a customer or service provider. Thus, within the 4milk platform, we will offer the industry various forms of interaction with these producers, and for this tip we are charging a certain amount for these services. The segment of the dairy chain can do several iterations with our application, an example to contextualize is the model for the bovine pharmaceutical industry, where we will make its medication protocols available within 4milk.
Currently, we found no solution, with all these features; it works offline and is still free. The solution is truly innovative and with a proposal to actually perform a social transformation in the field reaching any milk producer in the dairy farming market. The owner can perform all the searches he wants to see just on the mobile screen without being necessary to print reports and with the advantage to be anywhere in the word. Not only this, through the messaging system, it can carry out communication between producers, allowing them to perform ad sales or rental equipment that are unused at the time, collective purchases purchasing products for even better prices. It also has an alert system that warns the responsible of a particular task what must be done, such as vaccination, weaning, diagnoses among others. In addition, that a lot of other features that are being designed to attend the producer in the best way so he can increases his milk production.
International Strategy:
As we have just concluded a contract with a worldwide company, we believe that this may be the ideal route, but also acquire new knowledge of other markets and other international companies that operate in this segment of milk in other countries. We plan to start in Latin America, expand to the United States along with Europe and in a third moment to the rest of the world.

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: LiveStock (Farming)
  • Founders: This enthusiastic team was completely infected by the creator of the idea. Joining the team a veterinary consultant, who deal in his day-to-day work with small and large of milk producers, that monitors the management of herds of them, experiencing the culture and the needs of the environment. We also have an experient project manager in the mobile and web area, completely excited about the idea; he is fully dedicated to the implementation of this product. Also invited to join this group a great name of the direction of one of the largest companies in T.I. Latin America, as well as start-ups mentor. Finally, a creator of start-up ideas, formed in computer science, just enraptured by the idea, team and project.

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