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Business Information

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Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
Healthy baby shoes to improve the gait and foot development
Startup Website:
Describe your startup / solution:
4 main people and more 5 special makers 1. Designer and Research (Phd Student with international experience) 2. Administrator (15 years of fashion retail experience) 3. Communication and Press (10 years of business communication experience) 4. Artist (work with your hands since 1990)
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Product / service type:
Physical product (hardware)
Startup Phase:
Scaling sales
Revenue Model:
Direct sales with our online store and sale in partner stores
The unique baby shoes that were tested in babies with phD to analyze the effect of the use in the gait. The unique shoes in the world that have dynamic insole. Approved for doctors, certified to do not interfere in the baby gait. Have a unique technology of construction and have exclusive and unique design. Noeh is not a baby shoes, is a Noeh!
International Strategy:
We need help for this!!! Can you help us?

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: Design to improve the baby health
  • Founders: We are 4 complementary professionals. Together, we have experience in product development, sale, administration, communication, marketing and handcrafts. The main areas to give to our business the basis required to put Noeh in the top of the baby shoes market. Noeh is a result of a master study on what researched the foot and gait development and how the surfaces where the baby learn walk and the use of inadequate shoes could interfere in the normal development causing future problems and weaknesses. Noeh is the only baby shoes in Brazil that was tested in babies and certified by doctors. Unlike 14 brands analyzed, the Noeh does not change the baby's gait. Noeh is the unique shoe and insole that is totally dynamic in the world! We have patent register of this. This dynamic technology is like natural floors as sand, grass and ground. So, Noeh is a small natural floor in a baby shoe!

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