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Connecting people to generate business
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As a digital communication channel, and a business intelligence and meaningful marketing platform, our purpose is help to come true the dreams of millions of people, connecting consumers who desire to have something with companies that want to offer it to them,
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
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Functional product with users/clients
Revenue Model:
The platform's revenue comes from adverts/sponsorships, sales of information of the database and benefit club. ADVERTISING: Sale of programmatic advertising, sponsorship and merchandising too large, medium and small advertisers. Our sponsorship channel will be opened to free competition, promoting true auction between advertisers who are interested in participating, with quotas set for bid. It will be a powerful way for advertisers to make meaningful marketing actions. The advertisers will be registered and after that categorized according to their product or service that they provide. They can also monitor the user's movement online. When the advertisers identify a business opportunity, they can post an ad promotion that suits best their sales strategy. In realizing the dreams of users, for example, advertisers will be notified when a dream of their category gains relevance (the advertisers define which subject and how many leads they consider relevant). So he can make bids to contemplate up to 100% of the object of desire for those who wished or offer discounts or coupons for the "dreamer", with percentage to be defined by the advertiser. These actions may include direct consumption dreams (a TV, for example), as dreams in the essence of the word (a fan who wants to watch his team in the final of championship or a Day Care Center that wants to go through a reform). In both cases, fit meaningful marketing actions. Of course, the advertisers will pay the platform to do it.In the case of Lightning Dreams, the advertiser pays a list price that varies according to the scope of supply. Our sponsorship channel will be open to free competition, promoting true auction between advertisers who are interested in participating, with quotas set by categories. There will be 15 categories: Food (Food & Drink); Education and Training; Aesthetics and Beauty; Appliances/Electronics; Sports; Parties and Events; Furniture; Reform and Construction; Clothing and Accessories; Health and Wellness; Telephony and Communication; Technology; Home and Office Supply Utensils; Vehicles; Travel and Tourism. It will be one sponsorship quota per category. The advertiser's brand will appear in the Splash Screen App of users who have a dream related to a category of the sponsor. E.g.: if your dream is to have a new smartphone, Samsung brand will appear on the Splash Screen. If your dream is travelling, the brand of American Airlines or Delta can have this prerogative. And so on. Advertisers may also offer promotions only for users who have dreams for those categories, targeting the ads and boosting the sales convert. The placement of banners in the user's time-line will be another type of ads. IMPORTANT: To validate his sharing, the user needs to answer a question about the advertisement's content. Publication frequency of Lighting Dreams: each of the 15 categories of retailers, there are at least 3 big players, which gives us a potential of 45 major advertisers. If each one post just one Lightning Dream and realize a dream of a user, we will have 90 shares of type per month, or 3 users will be affected everyday. DATABASE - Marketing of information with cuts by income, age, gender, location and consumer profile. As we’ll know who the user is, what he wants, his sex, address, age, etc., it will be possible to make profile cuts and identify the type of company that could offer something to the user.
When it comes to the market, there are another platforms in it with the concept of rewarding its users according to their levels of interaction on the network as the WEGETHER, TSU and Rublys The last one is a very interesting German solution. All these platforms pay users for their engagement. However, none of them has the OQ?’s purpose, approach, form of monetization, the way to reward users and the business model. But despite this, they do not really have anything that looks like our proposal. Other big difference: the huge potential of the platform to promote meaningful marketing actions.
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  • Problem that we are solving: Digital Media
  • Founders: We are a team of Brazilian entrepreneurs who have a great motivation: to change the way businesses and consumers relate with each other. Carlos was creative director of three multinational advertising agencies, was one among of the most awarded creative of your generation. Currently he is a maker, serial entrepreneur, co-inventor of three patents and author of several projects innovations in the fields of social media, digital marketing, wearables, safety systems and IoT. Fernanda is maker and serial entrepreneur in innovation projects and breakthrough technologies. She is a founder member of C E Digital and co-inventor of several products in the area of IT & C, Digital Marketing and Mobile Solutions. Carlos and Fernanda have business partnerships for more than eight years and founded together three companies.

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