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Brazil and EUA
International Strategy:
First i want to launch my project in my country, the development of him i'ts almost done;My project are like Linkedin and other 3 websites, we want to help trainees to get a job; curriculum database, and others.PS: The actual language of my project is Portuguese but i'll translate after finish him.
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CSS3HTML5Laravel 5.xPHP7
  • Startup name: Pismire
  • Startup country: Brazil
  • Problem that we are solving: My project are like Linkedin, GetNinja, 99Jobs and other websites, but we really want to help peoples. How ? Working, if you or anyone need a (example) mechanic, search in my website or in Mobile app (in future) and the mechanics in region will be displayed, Students who need an internship and more.
  • My solution: The Pismire Solutions is a web plataform for people and businesses to find freelancers or service providers.
  • English Level: 2
  • Other languages: Portuguese
  • Founders: Two, me and my partner.I'm a front-end and my partner are a back-end, we are studants and one help other with front or back-ned in test períod on university.Ps: i don't give to you my linkedin url because i can't find him, i don't like Linkedin and i don't use him, i'm sorry (my project will be a new web curriculum too). Ps²: i gived my GitHub url. Ps³: i'm sorry for my english, this is not my first language.
  • Available date to international program: January

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