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Business Information

Country Headquarter:
Country Operations:
Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
Startup launcher with focus on developing new business and entrepreneurship of impact
Startup Website:
Describe your startup / solution:
We are a company with experience on development, design and model business. Our service is to create new startups for our clients. All the necessary for your MVP can be made with us.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Information and communication technologies
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Scaling sales
Revenue Model:
Direct Sale
Traditional system developer companies. We are specialized in developing startups, so we don't offer just one service but a package of the best things to do on a beginner business.
International Strategy:
Yea, I do. We are hiring a german business guy to help us on studying and starting our sales in Europe.

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: Software and Design
  • Founders: Davi Mattar: Graduated on business in UFMG with focus on digital marketing Rodrigo Xavier: Gratuated on Computer Science in PUC-BH Daniel Almeida: Designer graduated on UNI-BH

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