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Portugal, UK.
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I'm an entrepreneur with a large experience in project management, product development and creative problem solving. Implemented more than 170 projects in multinationals in markets such as US, UK and Latin America. I have an innovation and entrepreneurship certificate from Stanford University and for the past 4 years my main focus was to try to innovate the way advertising agencies and brands work as a business model and get their message to consumers and I also help business navigate the digital era by hosting workshops in non-traditional markets.I plan to go abroad to expand my business to an European market and in search for help to see what steps I have to take to make this happen.
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Company Sector:
creative problem solving.product developmentProject Management
  • Startup name: CLVBE - digital influence
  • Startup country: Brazil
  • Problem that we are solving: Advertising is having a bad time on getting their message to consumers as they are beginning to look to other consumers for information about their buying decisions. Instead of looking at companies, as they did before, they now look at each other and their favorite personalities and friends on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms. For these reasons, many believe that the power of digital influence may be the next big thing in advertising. For advertisers and agencies who have begun to understand such importance, the influence of digital creators opens a world of possibilities. Opening a new channel for brands to connect with their consumers directly and on a large scale. By creating the right content, brands can amplify your message and entice your target audience. Adding to this the ability to use empathy to put yourself in the other's shoes, translating the brand into the language of the market in places that have immense cultural peculiarities such as Brazil, can be the key to success in social networks.Our clients are brands and marketing/advertising agencies.
  • My solution: CLVBE is a platform that work together with brands and local digital influencers to create advertising campaigns.We use audience data to find the best digital influencer to get the message across, create and manage content with influencers and analyze feedback in real time. In addition, we give the possibility for creators to profit from their content from the most diverse areas in one place. It's the local word-of-mouth marketing in scale.We combine three elements, the reach of social media, the practice of word-of-mouth marketing to influence purchasing decisions in a wide range of industries and the power of local niche experts that leads to authenticity.
  • English Level: 4
  • Other languages: Portuguese
  • Founders: CLVBE has two founders including me and we have a team of 5 people that work with us for influencer and client relations, creative, content production/business intelligence and sales.

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