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My resume in Consultant Specialist in 3S concept for increased business performance: Softwares (custom) / Servers (Networks) / Sites (marketing digital)UNESCO - Consultant and Project Manager of entrepreneurial training platform Innovative Brazil 2014CEO / Group Project Manager GPSoluções Solutions in Information and Communication Technology - ICTCEO / PMP Marketplace Adventure Serbs - GPSHappy - Find Your Joy! #emBreve GPSHappy CEO - Innovative Project Manager of Imagination Plus - Intelligent Media Agency High Performance Scriptcase / NetMake - Official Authorized Representative, responsible for marketing licenses, Consulting, Projects and Training. Development tool RAD Agile WEB SystemsGPSProvider - Digital Security and Network Servers. Teacher training Mikrotik, Linux, Virtualization and Consulting-----------I have experience with projects of all sizes, taught courses, training and lectures, have facility to acquire knowledge of self-taught way, unceasing search for new knowledge, happy to attend events and promote the development of all around me. Commitment to the outcome and expected return. Extensive experience in analysis and development of web designs, desktop, apps, websites, intranets, and extranets. Good physical appearance and professional attitude, great Portuguese and systemic view of the processes that involve businesses that get involved.I was chosen in 2014 in a national team of project managers implemented by UNESCO with the MDIC (Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade - Brasilia) to be responsible for developing a training platform for international entrepreneurs the Innovative Brazil in an approximate value half a million real only part of technology. Just as I was a consultant teaching platforms distance for entrepreneurs working at MIT in Boston and ENDEAVOR consultant expert content. This project has direct participation of SENAI Innovation, McKinsey & Company, ENDEAVOR, FGV and the Federal Government of Brazil.I lived a month in July / 2014 in Montreal in Canada to deepen my knowledge in English and study some business opportunities and to undertake there. So I came back to Brazil took the certification in the best Coach methodology of the world that is the SBC - Brazilian Society of Coach and now perform the methodology with the techniques and tools to enhance business performance and executive combined with consultancy and projects.I have great skills in leadership, project management and teams, business administration, entrepreneurship, trade negotiations (including international BITS and Rio Info), requirements analysis and business development, acquired in the journey of several own businesses since 2004. I am available to travels.My professional profile is briefly Consultant / Coach / Specialist in Project Management / Architect Analyst Developer-Systems and Solutions ICT (Information Technology and Communication) and Executive Business Director (CEO). Technically have advanced knowledge in the areas of ICT Governance Projects, Web Development Management (sites / systems), infrastructure (networks / servers with Mikrotik / Linux / Windows)
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Company Sector:
CoachConsultantEntrepreneurLeaderMobile DevPHPProject ManagementWeb Dev
  • Startup name: GPSHappy
  • Startup country: Brazil
  • Problem that we are solving: Find, book and pay online for adventure and leisure activities and also gain new customers for these tourism service providers
  • My solution: adventure tourism marketplace and leisure
  • English Level: 3
  • Other languages: Portuguese
  • Founders: 1) Gustavo Lobato works since 2004 internationally as a specialist in custom systems projects, applications, games, Digital Marketing, Sites and Networks / Servers with the philosophy: "Maximum Speed ​​and Quality". Was chosen in 2014 the national team of project managers implemented by UNESCO (Paris) by the MDIC (Ministry of development, industry and foreign trade / BSB) to be responsible for the development of more training platform of innovative world entrepreneurs the Innovative Brazil. Consulting and has set up several data centers and Internet providers across the country. Among its customer portfolio are the giants: AREZZO, Red Bull, Farm, Polenghi, Rosset, Singer, Restoque S / A, Editora Abril, Federal Government, UNESCO. Site Olivia Amélia - Business / CFO: More than 10 years working with Government and almost two years in GPSolutions Group
  • Available date to international program: immediately

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