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Business Information

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Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
We encourage the co-living experience.
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Describe your startup / solution:
We want to heal the pain of students and professionals who need to move from a city or property to be closer to the place of study or work, and we understand the difficulties they have in getting a good place, good roommates and a proper bill share.
Main Interest
To be part of an accelerator/pre-accelerator progam
Main industry:
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Functional product with users/clients
Revenue Model:
Monthly subscription. R$15 reais each month for each room.
We have as indirect competitors some "Find Roommates" groups on Facebook and also some online platforms that allow their clients to advertise rooms in the form of classifieds, charging monthly amounts from both the advertisers and the users who want to have the contact of the advertisers.We do not consider them direct threats because the ad service they charge their users, we offer with better quality and for free. Our revenue only applies when the host utilizes the services of room management, recurring payment, contract between the residents and complete co-living management platform, in a single and monthly cost per room, which is included on in the final rent value to the resident. We do not have direct competitors.
International Strategy:
Our main goal in 3 years is to be operating in a national scale. We do not have an international strategy yet.

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: Shared Economy
  • Founders: We have very different profiles, which complement each other. Felipe, our hustler, with years of experience in the real estate area, is our commercial front line and the company's primary contact with our partners and clients.Henrique, more analytical and calculating, works closely with Felipe in the commercial area and is responsible for all our financial and strategic management.And João Pedro, our designer and responsible for the entire product area, always thinking outside the box, defines each new feature and its attributes.All three started working early on in their own business and with ambition to create something that really can impact many people, joined with the team of Lift Marketing and the development team leaded by our CTO João Henrique have formed our ideal team.

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