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Countries in Mind:
All countries have water Sports and sea, lakes, rivers etc navigable
International Strategy:
The our product is a new sport, and our target is make a global sport
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  • Startup name: iLunga Produtos Inovadores
  • Startup country: Brasil
  • Problem that we are solving: It's a new sport towed by jet ski or boat, a new sensation, now all peaple can do a aquatic sport, because is simple, funny, security and very easy to usability, now you dont need stand up! the Wake bodyboard subaquatic, like a wakeboard for bodyboarders, you can skiing lying and go under water! in a under water adventure 'like a flying' inspirated in the Manta Ray forms.
  • My solution: This is a new sport, one the solutions is skiing like a bodyboarder but in this time pulled by a boat or Jetski with dirigibility because have a dirigibility rudder, other is you can go underwater like drive a dolphin. Its a new sensation for all people!
  • English Level: 2
  • Other languages: Portuguese, Italian
  • Founders: I'am founder of this Startup, and i work with a terceirization production, in this way i can put the exactly industry expert to help me a resolve a problems have can happen during to the process. I work with these partners in this production plan. And i stay with to logistic plan. Whith this plan i think is the way to put my Startup in others countries using a partners to complement !

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