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Kornerz connects companies and digital influencers
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Describe your startup / solution:
Kornerz values lies on their team, composed by an ex-professional athlete, an artist and a hacker. Being complementary and heterogeneity the team is strong and resilient.
Main Interest
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Main industry:
Information and communication technologies
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Functional product with users/clients
Revenue Model:
Kornerz revenue model is a 20% comission on every contract.
Our competitor are Famebit, niche, vyrl and others. Famebit was acquired by Google on 2015/16 and Niche acquired by Twitter on 2015. Both of them are focused on specific social networks such as youtube and twitter wich is a shot on the feet because companies are not seeing value on hiring campaigns on only 1 plataform at a time. Kornerz integrates all!!! Companies can contract influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YOutube, Tumblr and you name it we got it!
International Strategy:
Yes, Kornerz is betting on exchange companies and influencers to gain new markets. Example: We already have paying customers in Brasil that would love to contract influencer in latin america go enter and position brand in new markets.

Team Leader Information

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  • Founders: The founding team is composed by Khalil Jezini: Major in business administration and MBA with 27 years old founded his first company at the age of 17. Luis Fernando is an artist with exhibition in 2 galleries in Brasil and major in graphic designer he is a hell of a product owner

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