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Canada, United States, Europe
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I'm one of the founders of GuitarPlayOnline , a music education software that can teaches music with quality, with no need of a music teacher. The student can take lessons of any level, answer questions, and the most important, the software has the ability to hear what the student is playing and indicating if he's playing right or wrong, point the mistakes and tell him how to correct them. This is a scalable solution for one of the big pains of music students around the world, that choose to learn an instrumento via online lessons. We are developing a global solution for a global problem, so we want to build a global product and work not only in Brazil, but in other countries as well.
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Company Sector:
music educationmusic teacherMusician
  • Startup name: GuitarPlayOnline
  • Problem that we are solving: Around the world, a lot of people have interest in learning music, and because they don't have money or time to attend to private classes, the online learning becomes a great alternative. But it's hard to learn music through the internet with the actual solutions that we have today: the student don't have a properly feedback about the way he is playing, can't ask questions to a teacher in case he has any doubt, and don't have too much support. The learning is very passive, the student don't interact too much, and this factors make the learning experience poor and with a lot of failures.
  • My solution: Our solution is a software that can teaches music in a similar way the website Duoling teaches languages. The student will have an active learning, taking lessons, answering to questions and really playing. The software will be able to here the student and measure his progress, indicating the best exercises and lessons for each student individually. This can make the learning experience meaningful for the student, helping him to really achieve his goal, that is learning how to play the instrument while undestanding every musical concepts needed.
  • English Level: 3
  • Other languages: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Founders: We have 3 founders, but one of them exit from the company due to his personal interests. Leandro Kasan is the CEO, music teacher for more than 10 years, responsible for the learning methodology, software design and user engagement. Murilo Santos is the CTO, engineer with specialization in Digital Signal Processing, and is responsible for the software and the website.
  • Available date to international program: Anytime

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