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Excellence and innovation in pesticide research.
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The ENTO + is a company that focuses primarily on the provision of services in agricultural research for agrochemicals companies and government agencies. Our team has strategic partnerships with renowned researchers and institutions that will provide us with the best in agricultural experimentation.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
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Working prototype in development
Revenue Model:
Our services are contracted by companies that are consolidated some time in the market. Therefore, prices are already "pre-established" by them and little (or nothing) we can modify, even adding value to our services. We can take the following approximate values as a basis:Field bioassays (efficiency assessment) - $ 800.00 per treatment Field bioassays (environmental impact) - US $ 2000 per treatment Laboratory dose-response bioassay - $ 800.00 per bioassay Sublethal dose evaluation in laboratory - US $ 800 per dose Statistical analysis - U $ 100,00 per hour Reporting - $ 5000 per report Course and training - $ 3000.00 per day
There are some companies competing with ENTO + on the market today. Some with a broad portfolio and with a better quality of services. Others with a more restricted portfolio, but with lower qualification and quality of service. However, we estimate that approximately 10 companies are responsible for controlling approximately 90% of the market that ENTO + intends to enter. This represents a turnover of 10 million per year for each company. It is in this market share that ENTO + intends to insert itself. We consider that our differential will be within this share composed by the 10 or 5 best companies in the industry, considering a realistic and optimistic scenario respectively. The certainty of this insertion in the market is given for three reasons. Initially we have the excellent qualification of the directors, different from our competitors. In addition to this qualification, our partnership with renowned consultants is a key point to our success. These consultants are highly qualified and recognized within the agricultural research within and withou Brazil. Due to this feature they are also consultants of our clients. Finally, our contacts are the third key to our success. Several researchers inserted in our clients are also our friends. Due to the quality of the students graduated and posgraduated from UFV, these constantly work in our clients and are important contacts for ENTO+.
International Strategy:
Not yet.

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  • Founders: Mateus Chediak: Agronomist (UFV, 2007), Master's degree (UFV, 2009) and PhD (UFV, 2013) in Plant Sciences. Contact: [email protected] Guedes: Agronomist (UFV, 1990), Master in Plant Science (UFV, 1994) and PhD in Entomology (UFV / USDA, 2008). Contact: [email protected] Gontijo: Agronomist (UFV, 2009), Master in Plant Science (UFV, 2011) and PhD in Entomology (UFLA / KSU-ARC, 2015). Contact: [email protected]

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