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Business Information

Country Headquarter:
Country Operations:
Brazil, North America.
Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
Subscription service for PC indie games
Startup Website:
Describe your startup / solution:
By a simple subscription of $6 you get unlimited access to our high quality games library by a already known and efective download technology. Our team is formed by 5 entrepreneurs, who during their whole lives have been connected to the games market.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Pivoting prototype with users/clients
Revenue Model:
Subscription, we keep a 30% cut from each subscription, $6 monthly . 70% of each subscription goes to Publishers/Studios, the value that each game receives is based on the percentage of time the subscriber played the game each month.
Gamelyst competitors and our point(s) of differentiation from:Competitor: Steam - Our points of differentiation: Subscription model, High quality curatory process, Personalized support to indie devs, Monetization modelCompetitor: Gamefly - Our points of differentiation: Focus on PC Games, Monetization model, Download systemCompetitor: PSNow - Our points of differentiation: Focus on indie games, Focus on PC Games, Monetization model
International Strategy:
We use a already worldwide accesible technology, the download. That makes easier the access and expansion of our service. We also have a referral system used today by users and that will expand to US social media influencers - such as gameplay's channels on YouTube. It was tested on the MVP and got us 3 times more conversion that the organic share.

Team Leader Information

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  • Problem that we are solving: Entertainment
  • Founders: We've worked together for a year and a half, and won the biggest Pre-Acceleration program in Brazil: Lemonade. Today we work all together at a coworking space in Belo Horizonte.Natan Rebelo, CEO - More than 7 years of experience with Administration and Sales.Alexandre Presotto, Product Designer - More than two years of experience in website design and platforms.Gabriel Mendes, Front-end and Web developer - has experience in game development as was a co-founder of (Developers of MVPs for startups) and EasyLogic Labs, Participated in the development of more than 90 games.Filipe Faria, Business Developer and Marketing - 6 Years of experience with PR and Marketing.Pedro Henrique, Fullstack Developer - Founder of BeAHero (Gamified Augmented Reality SaaS), Pigeum (Hardware for accessing a highly secure independant mobile network) has created the biggest Robotics Group of PUC.

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