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I have my bussiness incorporated in Brasil, and from here i can operate in the all world
Startup Pitch (in 7 words):
Worldwide marketplace solution for auto parts bussiness
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Main Interest
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Product / service type:
Physical product (non-hardware)
Startup Phase:
Scaling sales
Revenue Model:
The "Peca Agora" is the Marketplace specializing in automotive products and services, which offers a wide variety of items from factories, distributors and importers and that directly serves the end customer efficiently through a price comparator between suppliers. Other auto parts suppliers can advertise their products in the "Ask Now", which by being integrated with other marketplaces, offers several sales channels in one place. "Pe├ža Agora" is the online solution for finding light and heavy automotive products in Brazil. Our goal is to connect you, with thousands of products from manufacturers and distributors across the country, so you can find, compare and buy the items you need.
We are specialists in fleet consulting, we have fleet optimization projects that tie the purchase of parts to scheduled maintenance, which allows us to forecast demand. Integration with ERP's (TOTYS, SAP, SSW) that will facilitate communication between the company and large companies. Shortening of the logistic chain, thus reducing the number of intermediaries; Integration with couriers, carrier and motoboys for automatic and tracked delivery (Brazil level) Integration with other Marketplaces (SUBMARINE, AMERICAN, FREE MARKET) Creation of Supermarket of the piece in SP, which will function as a distribution center, fiscal support and logistics.
International Strategy:
We want to globalize the purchase and sale of parts by global code and we can only do so if we have contact with the largest auto parts manufacturers in the world

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  • Problem that we are solving: Automotive parts

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