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International Strategy:
At first, the user signup in the platform. Secondly, he create an organization, and contract a monthly (or yearly) plan, depending the level of resources and services that business  require. After this, he can contract an application at marketplace. He can also contract our services to help him, customizing the application or crafting a new one.In a near future, we will make avaiable a set of wzards and tools, that will allow to customer create their own simple applications without any knowledge of software development. After contracted, we’ll work to improve the relationship with each customer, getting up-selling (more advanced plans) and cross-selling (selling applications related with their business).At first we need find a good niche to test and adapt our solution, and after that, invest in marketing and evolve the solutions, creating more applications and improving the customer service.

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Company Sector:
  • Startup country: Florianopolis, SC, Brazil
  • Problem that we are solving: Businesses that are looking to improve their productivity, organization, and communication (internal and external), normally look for an intranet software. The problem is that this kind of technology is usually too expensive, and small companies are not able to pay for it.
  • My solution: Through a flexible and integrable platform, IASoft offers a SaaS solution that enables small business to have their own intranet platform at low cost.IASoft will provide the users with efficient and responsive templates, but the platform is so easy to use that it is possible to customize it or even create something from zero without any professional help.If the customer is looking for something more complex, we are going to develop custom intranets as an additional service, also for a better price than currently available.
  • English Level: 3
  • Founders: I’m the head of business, and right now I’m building a team with all needed competencies to evolve this business.

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