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Test my business in a new market
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Physical product (hardware)
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International Strategy:
I have extensive experience in digital marketing, especially in social media and online media.I lived in Canada in 2015/16, where I took an International Business Management post-grad program and developed marketing strategies to import Brazilian products to Canada.Nowadays, I am Smartleads's digital marketer, Cultivatech's web agency focused on innovation, located in Brazil and Canada. I give talks related to Digital marketing, Inbound Marketing, new medias, and Innovation.Besides that, I am also helping to develop uGlobally, Cultivatech's platform that helps Brazilian startups to start their global journey by connecting them with accelerators and incubators around the world. 
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Company Sector:
  • Startup name: uGlobally
  • Startup country: Curitiba, Brazil
  • Problem that we are solving: Entrepreneurs may want to start their international operations but, because they don't have enough experience and knowledge about other markets, they believe this is an extremely hard task.
  • My solution: Together with our partners, we develop international business immersion programs. These programs are tailored to provide entrepreneurs with all necessary knowledge to start operating in other countries.Our partners - coworking spaces and acceleration & incubation programs organizers, develop a schedule based on what they are able to offer. The benefits can include: mentoring, training classes, help to adapt the company's business plan to enter the country, meeting with accountants, lawyers & VISA advisors, workspace, connection with other entrepreneurs and investors, help to find local events and much more.Our partners are able to create their own immersion experience based on their expertises. If a company believes that they are able to help entrepreneurs only by providing mentoring, workshops, workspace and connections with investors, they can offer only these benefits in their program. They are also free to set up a price and the dates.
  • English Level: 3
  • Other languages: Portuguese
  • Founders: Leo Uchôa
  • Available date to international program: November, December and January

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