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Digital transformation through chatbots in messaging apps.
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Describe your startup / solution:
Take was founded in 1999 to enable the mobile internet in Brazil. Our most success product was built in 2001: ringtones downloading. We were acquired by a Japanese company in 2005. We bought the company back in 2008 and today we are leaders within chatbots market in Brasil.
Main Interest
Scale my sales on a new country
Main industry:
Information and communication technologies
Product / service type:
Startup Phase:
Scaling sales
Revenue Model:
Take's business model is a setup fee and a monthly fee for chatbot development and maintenance, plus a subscription fee for BLiP, our platform as a service (PAAS), based on MAU (monthly active users) that interact with each chatbot.
Take has several competitors working with chatbots with different aproaches. Some are working as platforms to enable non developers to build static chatbots, like Chatfuel (www.chatfuel.com) and ChatClub (www.chatclub.me). Others have platforms that help developers to build chatbots that works as general virtual assistants, like API.ai (api.ai) and Wit.ai (wit.ai). Some are doing what BLiP aims to do: help developers to build complex chatbots that works integrated to businesses platforms (i.e. CRM) and human support tools, like Motion AI (motion.ai). Our main advantage over the last group is that BLiP is designed to enable enterprise chatbots to work across different company areas, enabling digital transformation to occur in the entire company, in an integrated, controlled and fast way.
International Strategy:
Take already has experience working with international strategy as it had a local office in Chile and US a few years ago, for a different purpose than now. We are currently working on our international strategy for this new scenario of building chatbots that enable the digital transformation inside enterprises.

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  • Founders: Take was founded by a team composed by computer and electronic engineers, marketing and financial specialists. As serial entrepreneurs, this team also founded a fund manager named Confrapar (www.confrapar.com.br) and two other tech companies: Minutrade (www.minutrade.com.br) and POP Recarga (www.poprecarga.com.br)

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