Go abroad to discover new markets

uGlobally Soft-Landing Programs are unique immersion experiences created in partnership with local accelerators or incubators around the world designed to help entrepreneurs:

uGlobally Immersion program
Explore international opportunities
uGlobally Soft-Landing experiences
Test services/products in new markets
uGlobally Global Accelerator
Start your operations in another country
Find investors and/or partners

What makes it unique?


  1. Networking with top startup organizations in different countries;
  2. The program’s methodology is similar to an exchange program, but instead of studying a new language, you will learn how to internationalize your business;
  3. There’s no equity involved; it’s NOT an accelerator program;
  4. You can select the program that best fits your needs;
  5. You pay for it, what makes you a client, not somebody struggling for a spot on a demo day;
  6. Premium members get personalized assistance before, during and after the immersion trip


Some programs are different than others, but all of them have standard features such as >>

1-1 Mentorship

 Connection with important players

Startup training classes

Information about local market

Help to adapt your business plan to enter the market

Visit to successful companies/startups

Help to find meetups and local events

Coworking space

Choose your destination

We have programs in the best startup’s ecosystems around the world. Enjoy a new way to find international opportunities.

uglobaly soft-landing

Do you want to go global?

Complete your Company Profile and let us know about your plans, your current situation, and your needs. With this information, we will be able to help you finding the best international opportunity for your business.